Agile Transformation Case Study

Optomi Technology Talent

Skill Sets

QA, Java, IOS Developers/Android Developers, API Enablement, Front-end & Back-end Developers

This Fortune 500 financial services corporation was admittedly filling vacancies with “warm bodies” instead of employing talent who could have a long-term future with the company. This initial strategy was not serving the business needs. Because of the critical nature of the project and the way that these consultants would interface with the business and IT department, this client wanted to staff its team with consultants who had the potential to convert to full-time employment which was not an option for them in that model. They were also presented challenges with quality as they found themselves the victims of consultants who were not who they represented themselves to be.

Enter Optomi. Our understanding of the client’s tech needs as well as our cultural synergies made us the ideal partner. Optomi “earned the right” to do business with this financial services client by sourcing two, very hard to find positions, Test Data Masking Manager and a Test Data Masking Analyst. Both required very specific expertise using a niche IBM tool called InfoSphere Optim in addition to technical expertise in a wide variety of databases to include SQL, Oracle, DB2 and NoSQL. Optomi’s initial success prompted referral upon referral. After staffing their projects with the specialists they needed, the client’s projects were completed flawlessly and on deadline. Their business continues to expand… launching new divisions which they have engaged Optomi for support on.


Agile transformation

Optomi’s use of its Opt2vue video technology provided the confidence the client needed in the hiring process. The issue of integrity was easily addressed as the hiring manager was able to see the candidate first hand during the innovative interviewing process.



Skill-Sets Provided:

QA, Java, IOS Developers/Android Developers, API Enablement, Front-end & Back-end Developers


Optomi delivered culturally-aligned skilled talent, unlike its competitors.
Optomi works with mostly American talent, who could easily join the client on a contract-to-hire basis.
Our unique methodologies reduced time and cost associated with hiring talent.
Optomi’s quality was superior and continues to earn business with this client years later.
Through Optomi’s Opt2give charity program, we’ve provided over 2,800 meals to under-resourced children.


A critical, immediate need was identified for a high-profile, can’t fail, strategic project. The need was for multiple disciplines
with a quick boots on the ground and run, not walk requirement. Our Optomi partners took immediate action and filled the
bill. The time from the day requirements were presented to presentation of first candidates was less than 5 days. Better than
timing was candidate fit. Our Optomi team worked with our corporate staffing team and ensured an efficient and effective on-
boarding. This all started with an impromptu call to our Optomi partners.” –Wayland L, Vice President & Project Leader