27 Sep


Posted in Tech by Ben Tucker

Bob Dylan has passed… according to Siri.  If you asked her last week about the famed musician, she would have said he passed in 2008.  He has not. Fortunately, the mistake has since been corrected.

What makes someone (something) credible?  Though Siri is no longer erroneously reporting the singer songwriter’s demise, the bug raises the issue of credibility.

Words like trustworthiness, honesty and authenticity come to mind.  At Optomi, a core aspect to the success of our technical recruiters is the importance of credibility. This starts with being genuine and honest.  Our consultants trust them to relate honestly with them about their career objectives.  Our clients trust that our team will find the best professional and culture match for their projects and organization.  And throughout, we lead by being an informed and transparent partner in the IT landscape.

Being credible is what sets us apart from so much of our competition.  It’s a driver of why we remain atop the list of fastest growing tech staffing firms in the U.S. (as reported by Staffing Industry Analysts).

Optomi attracts in-demand talent with its unprecedented consultant experience.  Optomi Consultants are treated like true employees of the firm with genuine career partnership, unique charity welcome gifts and recognition for their dedication. They become part of the company’s mission to bring value to the client and the community we have the privilege to work with.

Optomi’s consultant retention rate for its key clients hovers around 86%.  An astounding endorsement for Optomi’s ability to place quality, culturally on-point tech talent.  It’s a testament to the trust our clients and consultants have in our company.  Many firms in our Industry scour job boards and postings, while at Optomi we pursue the passive candidate…professionals who are gainfully employed but willing to make a career move for a particular reason.  Establishing credibility is key to being a partner in a successful career move for a consultant and client.

The importance of credibility… it’s how Optomi is driving tomorrow’s technology with today’s optimum talent.