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Essential Traits of an Effective Project Manager

Essential Traits of an Effective Project Manager

But… it worked in QA!


Unexpected twists, turns and timelines are all part of a Project Manager’s daily routine.  The job of a PM can be challenging to say the least and it takes a unique temperament to fill the roll.  After 7 years of working with consultants who radiate certain common characteristics, here are some essential traits (I’ve found) that make an effective PM.


    1. Vision-caster

      An effective Project Manager leads their team in the right direction by explaining the “why’ behind the vision.  A stellar PM can also adapt when the path unexpectedly curves and give color to the change.


    1. Technical Expertise

      The most effective PMs have strong technical knowledge of the initiatives.  In order to have the respect of the team, they must understand the intricate aspects of the project and lead accordingly.


    1. Stellar Communication Skills

      The best leaders explain things in a way that resonates with an audience.  A good Project Manager needs to connect with their team by communicating effectively.


    1. Strong Leadership Skills

      Fostering a spirit of camaraderie will create a strong culture that will maximize performance.  The ability to motivate a team is one of the cornerstones of a good Project Manager.


    1. Cool as a Cucumber

      No project goes as planned.  Variables can take their toll on even the most even-keel among us.  An effective PM needs to be cool under pressure so as to not adversely affect the team or the outcome of the project.