26 Mar

In these uncertain times, here’s why you can have confidence in us

Posted in Consultants by Optomi Leadership

Many things may be unsettling amid this ever-evolving COVID-19 crisis.  Here at Optomi, we’ve been practicing what many are now scrambling to figure out.  The processes and philosophies we instituted upon our inception in 2012 are even more relevant in this world of remote work and WFH living.  Rest assured that in this tumultuous time, Optomi can be a stable resource for your business.  We are well- equipped to assist our clients as they adapt to new ways of bringing on the talent they need to stay ahead of the competition.

Here’s why you can have confidence that we can deliver with these 7 reasons why you can have confidence in us.

  1. Opt2vue – our video mechanism.  We’ve used it for almost a decade to video interview candidates for our clients so they don’t have to wait for an in-person interview to see if the candidate will be a good fit.  Now ,more than ever, this tool is one of the best features we offer here at Optomi.  Hiring managers can ask interviewees specific questions or use our library of interview questions to determine the viability of the candidate.
  2. Onboarding – our entire process of filling out paperwork has never involved “paper”. The onboarding process is done via online portals.  Our business is hiring consultants to work “on site” for our clients. In this current climate, “on site” is defined as WFH. Our onboarding process has always been virtual, which is proving to be a huge advantage in these crazy times.  We also have special programs in place to ensure full integration of our consultant with their new team.
  3. Skill-set focused – Optomi was founded on having recruiters that specialize in high-end technology skillsets.  Their network is deep and as a result, our consultants tend to refer other experts, so you can be confident  you’re getting high caliber talent.
  4. Contact Methodology – our recruiters regularly reach out to the consultants all throughout their assignment with our clients to ensure everything is going as expected. We connect with them a week prior, the day of and a the end of their first week on the project.  There are several connection points thereafter as well to confirm the client’s expectations and the consultant’s performance.
  5. Giving – with each consultant we place, we’re able to feed a food-insecure child for a weekend.  Our charitable efforts are directly influenced by the number of IT professionals we put to work.  We’ve always been about fulfilling a purpose while making a profit.
  6. Relational – we believe in creating genuine relationships with our candidates and consultants.  Our team knows the right questions to ask that will spark meaningful conversations.  We are thought of as career coaches rather than recruiters.
  7. Valuable – we partner with our clients and consultants in ways other firms don’t.  We can’t give away all of our trade secrets, but if we have not yet had a conversation – let’s talk.