12 Oct

What Is .NET?

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What is .NET?

.NET is an open-source development platform for building different types of applications. Microsoft first introduced the framework in 2002 after taking inspiration from Java, as well as their learnings from the ecosystem they provided, and came up with .NET. There is a variety of programming languages available on the .NET platform such as VB.NET and C# being the most common ones.

.NET Standard vs .NET Core

.NET Standard 

– Allows engineers to develop websites, services, and apps on strictly Windows OS (Operating System) based machine
– Last version released in standard was 4.8

.NET Core 

– .NET Core allows engineers to develop anywhere due to its cross-platform compatibility
– You can develop websites that are cross platform and can function on a variety of operating systems such as Windows, Linux, and macOS based machines
– Latest version of .NET Core is .NET 6 (Microsoft decided to drop ‘Core’ from the name after version 3.1 to emphasize that .NET 5 is the “future” of all earlier versions of .NET Core!)

What is the Importance?

The use of .NET helps in the creation of web applications and websites. The applications are getting mainly developed which can be used in a computer, laptop or mobile easily and with great performance. The framework also provides great features which help developers or programmers develop applications which remain in sync with all platforms. Also, .NET provides great scalability for developing both small and large applications and has been found to be a great platform for redesigning small applications to scale with the growing needs of an organization or to make it large as per the client requirements.

What Can You Build Using .NET?

Case Study Utilizing .NET


– The client had 3 different customer-facing websites, each with its own look and feel; main website, one for online ordering, and one for catering which really wasn’t conducive to business.


– Build a new unified web presence from scratch using the below technologies
– Technologies used: C#, .NET Core, Visual Studio Code, and Azure


– As a result, ordering processes became more streamlined and seamless
– Marketers can now make changes to the site in minutes, including menu items and availability, while developers are freed to focus on making the site richer in other ways.
– Since everything is now hosted in Azure (Microsoft’s cloud service), the client no longer needs to worry about operational issues such as maintenance, patching, availability, and scalability!

Talent Insights

Hiring demand is extremely high across the United States, especially in industries such as Insurance, Financial Services, Telecommunications, Retail, and Automotive.
Compensation Range: $80,000/yr. – $150,000/yr.

Current Active Candidates:
1.7k individuals are open to contract work out of roughly 4K total open to work