18 Dec

Why Your Next Rockstar Employee Won’t Come from a Job Board

Posted in Consultants by Ben Tucker

According to the Staffing Industry Analysts 2019 Growth Assessment report, unemployment in the software development sector is under one percent.  Acquiring talent with specialized IT skillsets is becoming more challenging. The demand for Software Developers is projected to grow 32.4 percent this year.

Optomi has a fresh approach to locating, assessing and acquiring this hard-to-find talent.  While most firms in the IT staffing industry scour job board web sites like Indeed, Monster.com and CareerBuilder, Optomi pursues the passive candidate—consultants who are gainfully employed—on social media sites such as LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Social media is where most technologists spend their time looking for a job that’s the perfect fit for their lifestyle. No longer is any job good enough, candidates want to find a role with a company that matches their values, work-life balance, has a great culture, and provides a supportive environment to grow in.

“We know that the best talent is not sitting at home, unemployeed and binging Netflix, so we pursue candidates that have proven themselves in the workforce and offer them an opportunity to be part of something better,” says Todd Black, Optomi Chief Operating Officer.

To help mine the best talent, the recruiting staff at Optomi has become social media gurus. By connecting with potential candidates and networking with current consultants to find the optimum talent out there, it’s proven to be one avenue for success. Optomi attracts this talent with their unprecedented consultant service.

We use our social media accounts to recruit, as well as to share our brand story so that we can create a personable digital presence for potential clients and employees to connect with.

While the pool of highly-qualified technical talent is shrinking and demand increasing, Optomi constantly strives to find unique ways to attract and maintain their consultants so that they can be readily deployed to every perfect opportunity.  This is just one of the many ways that Optomi is driving tomorrow’s technology with today’s optimum talent.