Case Study: Team Augmentation CSOC

Optomi Technology Talent

Skill Sets

Cybersecurity, Threat Assessment



Due to the nature of the essential services this multi-billion dollar client produces, they require 24/7/365 coverage for their cybersecurity operation center (CSOC) to ensure 100% fully operational services at all times. This Fortune-listed company engaged Optomi as its partner to develop a full coverage solution that meets their needs and keeps threats at bay.

Due to security protocols, investigations of alerts and escalations required onsite authorization or full-time employees access. The client’s MSSP company did not have the appropriate access or authorization to investigate alerts off-site, so the client was looking to bring the work completely onsite to have the coverage required to resolve all issues. This would require 24/7/365 support. Shift scheduling and training of the off-hours analysts required to maintain the constant coverage was not of interest to this client.


The Optomi specialized cybersecurity recruiting team devised a solution that involved contract resources. Optomi consultants would handle the extra workload and cover the off-hour shifts. The solution was thorough, allowing appropriate knowledge transfer time, incentives for obtaining industry related certifications and a Cybrary subscription for continuous improvement.






Optomi’s specialized recruiters did such a superb job finding talent that was both qualified and the ideal culture fit that the program has become a farming ground for the client… converting the highest performers to critical positions when needing to fill full-time core non-shift roles. The synergy and consistency of this Optomi-directed team has allowed the client to maintain a high standard of analysis while retaining cultural integrity within this group.


Optomi’s creativity and spirit of partnership allows for a fresh approach to the client’s problem.

Optomi’s specialized recruiting team placed the perfect-fit cybersecurity talent.

The cultural and skillset alignment of our placements provide a steady flow of ideal talent with the flexibility to
convert to full-time as needed.