27 Mar

Consultant Of The Quarter – Q1 2017

Don Nguyen

By Eunice, Hazel & Daniel

Congratulations Don Nguyen – Our Consultant of the Quarter for Q1 2017!

For those of you who may not know, our Consultant of the Quarter award is a great way for us to publicly recognize a current consultant who exemplifies our core values in their daily work.
In addition to this blog, Don will also be featured in our company newsletter. Every Consultant of the Quarter recipient is awarded a $250 grant to the charity of their choice. Don chose Working Wardrobes: The Power of a Paycheck. “Founded in 1990, Working Wardrobes has changed the lives of nearly 90,000 men, women, veterans, and young adults overcoming difficult challenges – alcohol and substance abuse, domestic violence, incarceration, homelessness, catastrophic illness, and traumatic financial loss. Their clients are referred to them from more than 60 programs throughout Southern California. To read more about their programs and services, click here.”Fun facts about Don: During our lunch one afternoon, we asked Don to share with us some highlights from his military days. Because he was in the cyber security community, he said the only thing that he could share was that he was famous for organizing karaoke contests! Also, as a retired Lt. Colonel, Don is still tracked by the CIA/FBI anytime he does international travel. 🙂

Optomi OC first met Don almost a year ago through one of our Optomi sponsored networking events. Don is a networker of networkers and is highly plugged into the OC community. He happened to be a retired Lt. Colonel from the Airforce with 27 years in the cyber security community when we met. He was looking to transition from military service into the corporate community.

Because of his incredible skill-set and integrity, we were able to place him as a Director of Security. Our client wanted someone outside of the normal security sector and Don fit the bill.

Don continues to be an Optomi spokesperson to our client, the Information Technology professionals and to the Orange County community. He embodies all of the core values of Optomi. He’s connected, unique, dedicated, innovative, genuine, innovative and passionate for Optomi.
He spends his off-time volunteering for non-profit organizations like Working Wardrobes which helps veterans overcome difficult challenges.  He volunteers his time with Syracuse University helping military families transition from the military and when Don is not doing that, he is promoting Optomi and our recruiting programs and more importantly our give back and community involvement programs.
Thank you for everything you do, Don!