19 Jul

Consultant Of The Quarter – Q2 2018

The Consultant of the Quarter award is our way of publicly recognizing a current consultant who exemplifies our core values in their daily work.

It is our pleasure to announce that our Consultant of the Quarter is a standout team player who is based out of Chicago, Simon Gray!

Simon Gray has been contracting with Optomi for 9 months and has continued to exemplify Optomi’s core values by going above and beyond for the end client by being dedicated, passionate, unique, and genuine.

Dedicated: Simon has been working for our client since November of 2017. He has consistently worked 48-50+ hours each week including Saturdays and Sundays. He never complains and always has a positive attitude. Even with some of the disorganization going on at the client, Simon sees this as an opportunity to make an impact on the organization and better his future.

Passionate: We received a call from Simon back in late February that he was in the hospital. He kept us posted on the situation, spent two days in the hospital, and returned to work the following day.

Unique: We received an email from Simon’s manager a few weeks ago that he would like to give Simon a raise. His recruiter/career coach told us that in his 5+ years of recruiting, he has never had a client reach out with the purpose of giving a consultant such a big raise (especially after only 5 months). This compliment makes Simon unique.

Genuine: Simon is grateful to be working with Optomi and it shows in his attitude. He is a genuine person and always takes the time to talk to the team and is honest in his feedback.

In addition to this blog, Simon will be featured in our company newsletter. He will also be thanked by our Chief Operating Officer, Todd Black and treated to lunch by our Recruiting Manager, Jock Lezon, and his Lead Technical Recruiter Kurt Hanaway.

Every Consultant of the Quarter recipient is awarded a $250 grant to the charity of their choice. Simon has chosen to donate to the Chicago Youth Programs. The Chicago Youth Programs’ mission is to improve the health and life opportunities of at-risk youth using a comprehensive approach aimed at developing their capabilities. The programs that CYP provides are literacy skills, tutoring, mentoring, recreation, arts & cultural activities, leadership development, ACT/SAT prep, college and scholarship application support, scholarships, job readiness training, and personal support throughout their college education. All of their programs are free and the Chicago Youth Program provides transportation to and from programs to ensure that access is never an issue. We are very proud to have Simon as an outstanding representation of Optomi!