21 Jul

Consultant Of The Quarter – Q2 2020

The Consultant of the Quarter award is our way of publicly recognizing a current consultant who exemplifies our core values in their daily work.

It is our pleasure to announce that our Q2 Consultant of the Quarter is Technical Security Engineer – Jonathan Conesa!

How Jonathan displayed Optomi’s Core Values:

Jonathan has shown all kinds of innovation since joining Optomi. The position he was hired for was originally slated to be an onsite position, however, due to Jonathan’s communication, technical skills, and leadership, he has been able to grow out his team at our client entirely remote!

Jonathan has developed a keen set of skills in the Penetration Testing field of Cyber Security. Instead of hoarding that information, he has continued to be a huge LinkedIn influencer for Junior Pen Testers looking to get their first gig. He brings a driven and passionate attitude to his work each day that rubs off on his REMOTE team.

It is easy to identify someone’s IQ, but it is only once someone starts working you are able to identify their Emotional Intelligence. Jonathan respects our client’s mission and considers no task “beneath” him. He values different points of view from the professionals he works with each day. He recognizes when a member of his team might be having a bad day and lifts them up. He knows how to deliver mission-critical tasks to each member pertaining to their personality.

Jonathan is extremely connected within the Cyber Security community on LinkedIn, Twitter, Reddit, and other platforms. You can view his comments on professionals posts and will quickly be able to tell that Jonathan is not only connected but resourceful as well. There has not been a time I have waited over an hour to get in touch with Jonathan. He is dialed into his craft at work and at the same time connected deeply into the offsec community.

One of the first signs of Jonathan’s genuine personality was when we were going through the interview process. At the end of each interview, Jonathan thanked me for the opportunity. He thanked me for believing in him and if he got the position, he will continue to uphold the Optomi Brand. He is a benefit of the doubt, admit when he is wrong, and knowledge sharing type of professional.

There are many examples of Jonathan’s dedication. First I will start with his persistence in self-education. Jonathan spent time before and after work studying for the rigorous exam known as the OSCP. He fought tooth and nail for this exam and he PASSED IT! Next, I want to talk about what he has done since that exam. Jonathan currently serves as an Adjunct Professor for the University of Miami teaching courses on Ethical Hacking. Just how education granted him the shot for his current position with my client, he believes it will do the same for the students after him. Lastly, I want to exemplify Jonathan’s dedication to Optomi. He has continued to keep us informed about our client’s needs and is referring us IT Talent so that we can help them get their dream job just like he did.

Each quarter, we honor an Optomi consultant for sharing our core values with a $250 award donation to the charity of their choice.

Jonathan has chosen COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund for WHO as the charity of his choice.

For more information on COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund for WHO please visit their website at: