03 Aug

Consultant of the Quarter Q2 2021

It is our pleasure to announce that our Q2 Consultant of the Quarter is Sr. Program Manager – Angela Blair!

How Angela displayed Optomi’s Core Values:

Angela is truly a culture champion!

She has embraced what it means to be part of Optomi, and has led the charge when it comes to our referral program. She has currently had 3 referrals hired, and they are all performing very well! She has also referred 10+ resumes, and all of these have been solid candidates, some of them have also been interviewed for some of our clients! When we think about what it means to be a picture-perfect Optomi Consultant, and what it takes to earn the honor of Consultant of the Quarter, Angela has not only checked all those boxes, she has knocked it out of the park!



Angela approaches every situation with the utmost respect. She acts like a true professional at all times and an absolute joy.


She has not only fit in instantly, but has hit the ground running, and has been so passionate about the company, and her projects!


When it comes to being connected, there is no one on the level of Angela. She has truly been the golden goose of Consultants. She is constantly referring Rockstar-level candidates that she has in her pipeline, and as of today, we have placed 3 of her referrals to help with the projects that she manages.


Angela finds creative ways to solve problems. For instance, when we had a consultant quit out of the blue, Angela had pro-actively went through her network, sent that person to us and the manager, and that referral got the job the same day!


Angela is one of the nicest consultants on billing. She is always an absolute joy to talk to, and always in a fantastic mood!


Angela brings a unique style to her day-to-day professional life. An amazing amount of thought, hard work, and passion really makes her a Rockstar consultant and truly a unique Program Manager.


Aside from the fact that she consistently logs 45-50+ hours a week, she is extremely dedicated to the client, and she has really left a lasting impact on our client!


Each quarter, we honor an Optomi consultant for sharing our core values with a $250 award donation to the charity of their choice.

Angela has chosen Camp Cedarbrook in Rosebud, Texas as the charity of her choice.

For more information on Camp Cedarbrook please visit their website at: https://www.cedarbrooktexas.com/