29 Sep

Consultant Of The Quarter – Q3 2016

Congratulations Pedro Aristizabal – Our Consultant of the Quarter for Q3 2016!

For those of you who may not know, our Consultant of the Quarter award is a great way for us to publicly recognize a current consultant who exemplifies our core values in their daily work.
In addition to this blog, Pedro will also be featured in our company newsletter. Every Consultant of the Quarter recipient is awarded a $250 grant to the charity of their choice. Pedro has chosen the CHAMOS Organization. CHAMOS provides local organizations with the resources to improve health care and education to children in the most deprived areas in Venezuela.Today Venezuela suffers a humanitarian crisis which includes shortages of foods as well as medicine. Optomi is honored to donate to CHAMOS in Pedro’s name. 
Fun fact about Pedro: “In my first days in USA I went to eat at the HOPE Restaurant in Florida with my wife. I ordered a ‘soap’ instead  of ‘soup’ ( I pronounced it incorrectly ). The waitress brought me soap from the restroom and asked me: would you like to order a towel as dessert?…”
Here are more than a few reasons why Pedro truly deserves this award!

He is Passionate – He is always excited to go to work and loves sharing with us all of the exciting things that he does on-site for the client.

He is Genuine – He cares about his Account Executive and Recruiter and asks how they are, and how their lives are going.

He is Dedicated – He wrote his recruiter a recommendation on LinkedIn without being asked.

He is Connected – He has sent his Optomi 2 referrals over the last 6 months.

He is Unique – He is from Colombia 🙂

He is Innovative – He develops C# applications that affect millions of people a day.

Pedro embodies our core values because he is always excited to speak with us on the phone and tell us all about what he is doing onsite. He also has been moved around to different teams and has done so in great stride. He has thrived on both teams he has been a part of and all of the feedback that we receive from the client is extremely positive. He is genuinely passionate about the work that he has been doing.

Congratulations again, Pedro!!