29 Dec

Consultant Of The Quarter – Q4 2015

Congratulations Lauren Grace…

Lauren is an exemplary consultant with a niche skill-set (Deltek Cobra Administrator/Analyst)… a rare breed in the IT world.

When she was introduced to the client, it was love at first conversation! She was a “one and done” interview because of her personality, experience and ability to communicate her background. Lauren has demonstrated her expertise at the client with her technical background. In fact, she is doing so well that the CEO has taken notice of her work and she is being recognized from other executives as well.

Lauren has shown loyalty and dedication to her Optomi team. She has consistently recommended people she used to work with at her previous company and given us feedback on candidates that she thinks would be a good fit for the team at her new position.

Lauren has also offered to do a lunch and learn with our Baltimore office on EVM, since it’s a common skill-set within the project. This shows her dedication to Optomi, our new client and her profession.

On behalf of Lauren, Optomi is donating $250 to the Starfire Council. Starfire is a visionary organization working to build better lives for people with disabilities. The data is clear; people with disabilities grow increasingly lonely and isolated as adults. Working with one person at a time, Starfire connects people to relationships.

The Optomi family is proud to recognize Lauren.