19 Dec

Consultant Of The Quarter – Q4 2016

Congratulations Gordon MacMaster – Our Consultant of the Quarter for Q4 2016!

For those of you who may not know, our Consultant of the Quarter award is a great way for us to publicly recognize a current consultant who exemplifies our core values in their daily work.
In addition to this blog, Gordon will also be featured in our company newsletter. Every Consultant of the Quarter recipient is awarded a $250 grant to the charity of their choice. Gordon has chosen the NORD – National Organization for Rare Disorders. The National Organization for Rare Disorders is an American non-profit organization that aims to support individuals with rare diseases, the majority of these individuals being children. Their mission: “NORD is committed to the identification, treatment, and cure of rare disorders through programs of education, advocacy, research, and patient services.” “Every day in America, 30 million people wake up to fight the battle with a rare disease. The vast majority are children. For most, there are no cures and few, if any, proven and effective treatments. NORD provides a unified voice for those courageous individuals, and the parents and other caregivers seeking to help them, so that they won’t have to fight that battle alone.” We are honored to donate $250 to the NORD organization in Gordon’s name.Fun fact about Gordon: He used to be a bass player in a punk band prior to his life in Information Technology!

Here are more than a few reasons why Gordon truly deserves this award!

Gordon is a Program Manager currently working at Kellogg’s in Battle Creek.

Dedicated- “Since Gordon started back in August he has been the most dedicated consultant I have ever worked with. He lives near Detroit and travels to Battle Creek weekly spending time away from his friends and family for the benefit of Kellogg’s and Optomi. Not only is Gordon dedicated to Kellogg’s, he is also dedicated to Optomi. He goes out of his way to introduce me to senior members of the Kellogg’s staff. Because of his dedication to being a great employee of Optomi, he has opened so many doors for our organization at Kellogg’s. Every time I meet with him he is always introducing me to new decision makers and for that I am ever grateful.”

Innovative – “I had lunch with Gordon a few weeks after he started at Kellogg’s and he was explaining to us about the projects he was working on. When he told me all that he was doing, I said ‘it sounds like they gave you the keys to the Ferrari’ he laughed and said ‘no they gave me the parts to the Ferrari and asked me to rebuild it!’ Gordon is innovating the way Kellogg’s looks and works with Data. He is saving them millions of dollars and making a huge impact on the organization. Because of his innovation and forward thinking he is the only consultant ever to run a program on the business and technical side. They truly believe in him to take their company to the next level.”

Passionate – “Gordon is one of the most passionate “Big Data” and Information Technology professionals that I’ve had the pleasure of working with. Every week I receive a news article related to information technology trends, big data articles, blogs he has written and new business opportunities for Optomi. He has a spirited personality and truly enjoys his work. I feel his passion is best summed up in this quote, ‘The only way to do great work is to love what you do.’ Gordon loves identifying areas of improvement and it has already provided great results during his time at Kellogg’s.”

Genuine – “We have known Gordon for over a year. He was a referral from a previous consultant and when we were introduced, he was the one who offered to come into the office and meet the team! From a recruiting perspective, we pride ourselves on being consultant centered and really getting to know our consultants – I feel from the moment we met Gordon, he really tried to get to know our team members and Optomi so that he can represent us in the best light. He bleeds Optomi, spreading the good news of what we can do and displays great pride in being an Optomi employee! We consider Gordon not only an Optomi employee, but also a friend.”

“Based on the information above we truly believe Gordon should be the consultant of the quarter! It is not very often that you build such a close relationship with a consultant that you can consider him a friend. With Gordon I believe it’s safe to say that Blair, Ben, Jock, and myself (Chris) all consider Gordon a friend, not just a colleague.”