Cybersecurity Case Study: Incident Response

Optomi Technology Talent

Skill Sets

Analyst, Security Engineer, Intelligence, Team Lead/Architect Manager


incident response

The tasks of identifying false positives, flagging security vulnerabilities and remediating alerts requires a passion for IT security. Our recruiting team is well-equipped with technical acumen, market knowledge and unique resources to deliver the best talent to our clients. Their keen ability to read between the lines of a CV/resum√© combined with the experience to consult with hiring managers elevates our level of service. Optomi recruiters are skilled at vetting candidates to determine if they possess the right qualifications, characteristics and client culture-fit for the job. In addition to understanding technologists in the IT security field, our team is able to consult with clients to determine the appropriate mix of experience level required to ensure the security team achieves optimal coverage within budget. On several occasions, Optomi has identified and placed high potential individuals with basic security knowledge alongside a more advanced security resource to deliver successful results. Our contract-to-hire model is an advantage for clients… allowing them to be confident that a resource has the required knowledge, passion and culture fit before bringing them on full-time. Our Innovative business model and consultative approach allows us to place sophisticated engineers, tier 1 and tier 2 resources as well as define hybrid positions. We understand cybersecurity.


Cybersecurity interview-to-hire ratio

When Optomi is able to work directly with hiring managers to understand the project and its requirements, we are often perfect at placing the right resource for our clients.



Of Successful Cybersecurity Project Initiatives


Analyst – Performing deep threat intelligence, research, reporting to keep a reference of solutions.

Security Engineer – To manage technology upgrade tools, integrate systems and tools. Engineer the environment so they work together.

Intelligence – Sharing information to defend against future attacks. Putting information into virtualized environments.

Team lead/Architect/Manager – Brings together the automation so the environment is automated as much as possible.


Our knowledgeable recruiting team was successfully able to consult several clients as to appropriate mix of experience level required to ensure the security team achieves optimal coverage within budget.

Working directly with hiring managers on their cybersecurity needs often yields an interview-to-hiring ratio of 1:1.