Digital Transformation Case Study

Optomi Technology Talent

Skill Sets

Network Engineers, Windows Engineers, Linux Engineers, Sr. Project Managers, Sr. Developers, Security Architects, Sr. DBA’s

This Fortune 500 fintech enterprise is consistently working to improve the payment processing experiences for its customer base. Optomi partnered with them to implement e-commerce, payment processing, point-of-sale, and supplier collaboration solutions that improve customers’ ability to do business. Our consultants drive growth and achieve operational efficiencies through their work. They joined the client’s team as senior leaders in the application and system administration support for development and QA environments.

By partnering with Optomi, the client was able to staff the project team with less resources in under three weeks at bill rates under the max allowed and therefore under budget. The consultants were extended multiple times and the Optomi team’s communication fostered their loyalty to allow for such stability.


Retention Rate


Of consultants placed

As Optomi focused on SOW projects within the client’s business
units in need of talent, we were able to quickly make an impact. In
fact, we are often given exclusive rights to support projects at this
omni-channel enterprise client.



Skill-Sets Provided:

Network Engineers, Windows Engineers, Linux Engineers, Sr. Project Managers, Sr. Developers, Security Architects, Sr. DBA’s


Our unique methodologies reduced time and cost associated with hiring talent
Interview to hire ratio went from 6:1 to 3:1
Optomi established a reputation worthy of client internal referrals, averaging 20%
Through Optomi’s Opt2give charity program, we’ve provided over 2,200 meals to under-resourced children


“Very proud to be associated with Optomi. It is absolutely the best consulting experience I’ve had. Fantastic people who are very attentive and extremely organized. They know the industry well, and work diligently towards making well-matched assignments. The past 16 months that I’ve been with this client is proof. I’ve been able to step into situations where I could make positive impact while learning all aspects of how the corporation operates. Complete win-win for me!” CONSULTANT ANGELA L.

“A critical, immediate need was identified for a high-profile, can’t fail, strategic project. The need was for multiple disciplines with a quick boots on the ground and run, not walk requirement. Our Optomi partners took immediate action and filled the bill. The time from the day requirements were presented to presentation of first candidates was less than 5 days. Better than timing was candidate fit. Our Optomi team worked with our corporate staffing team and ensured an efficient and effective on-boarding. This all started with an impromptu call to our Optomi partners.” –W. L, Vice President & Project Leader