Fortune 500 Financial Services Company

Optomi Technology Talent

Skill Sets

Cybersecurity, I.T. Team Augmentation



In 2016, the newly hired CISO of this Fortune 500 financial services company was tasked with building out a new cybersecurity team from scratch to address the increasing threats on the organization.

Six months into the role, the CISO was frustrated with the lack of quality talent provided by staffing vendors and sought after a partner who could intimately understand his vision for the team and the cybersecurity expertise needed to execute the plan


Optomi worked closely with the CISO to understand the complexities of the company’s environment, the unique challenges they faced from a business perspective and the CISO’s vision. We put together a talent plan to build a successful team.

Since 2016, Optomi has partnered with this company by:

1. Building a global SOC from scratch including all of the leadership team. This high-performing team resolves threats from beginning to end, knows how to read a PCAP and can do analysis on Python scripting.
2. Provided IAM and vulnerability management consultants and leaders to integrate Sailpoint and Okta.
3. Onboarded penetration testers, end point engineers and most recently, expert encryption engineers as the company looks to build out their app security team focused on securing their IoT products in the cloud.


Business Optimization, I.T. Team Augmentation


Optomi has become this company’s exclusive partner because of the deep technical and cultural knowledge that has been built through the ongoing relationship. Optomi understands technology in their environment which ultimately saves them time so they can focus on the next threat. This Optomi-sourced team has been recognized for their work by the global CEO of this Fortune 500 company and is one of the most progressive cybersecurity teams in the industry.