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November 2, 2018

Opt2give 2018

Great Opt2Give day in Atlanta in support of the Elaine Clark Center for special needs children. Special thanks to Leigh Brendlefor her outstanding organization and to Timothy Gunterfor creating an incredible video taking us down memory lane. And Happy Birthday to Tim and Cortney Howell. ...

November 5, 2017

Opt2Give 2017

The Atlanta office partnered with PowerMyLearning, a national non-profit that partners with schools and districts in under-resourced communities to deliver technology to kids who might not otherwise have access to a computer.  PowerMyLearning takes computers, tablets, etc. and refurbishes them with innovative learning programs tailored...

November 4, 2016

Opt2give Day 2016

Our Corporate Atlanta team spent the day pitching in at the East Atlanta’s Kids Club for Opt2give Day 2016. The East Atlanta’s Kids Club gives youth who otherwise have limited after-school and summertime options a safe and stimulating place to play, to learn and to express themselves under...

November 4, 2016

Optomi gives back by feeding hungry children throughout the US

Many children right here in the US don’t know if there will be food in the fridge when they get home from school, so we created a program to address this hunger epidemic. With each consultant hired, Optomi (in partnership with a confection company) will provide...

November 6, 2015

Opt2give day 2015 makes a HUGE impact

By the end of 2015, Optomi will have fed over 1,500 kids 9,000 meals through its Opt2give program. The company’s philosophy of ‘doing good’ has been part of its culture since inception three years ago. On Thursday, November 5th (Optomi's 3rd birthday), Optomi employees didn't put on birthday...

September 23, 2015

Filling jobs… filling bellies

Optomi Care Package Program Optomi was founded on the core value of giving back. Optomi partnered with a confection company in 2014 to give Care Packages to our consultants and hiring managers when they start their contracts. When we give our gifts to them, we’re able to...

November 20, 2013

Optomi Annual Opt2Give Day

This year's Opt2Give Day 2013 allowed the Atlanta team served Chris Kids House by helping renovate the kitchen and do much needed yard work, the Chicago team to serve the Chicago Food Depository… packing over 11,000 lbs. of food for those in need and the...