Hiring Ratio Case Study

Optomi Technology Talent

Skill Sets

Scrum teams, BA, QA, C#, Java

This Fortune 500 omni-channel enterprise was struggling with the quality of their candidate pool from their “vendors”. They explained that the internal hiring team would interview 15 people just to discover 1 candidate that met their needs.

The client’s HR department was overwhelmed with finding resources for a 40-person project. They needed unique, highly-skilled talent and turned to Optomi for a partnership. The initial reqs came from the V.P. level. Having hired one of our resources and appreciating the superior quality of candidates, he quickly spread the word to other hiring managers. Our reputation grew. Our streamlined process and Opt2vue technology quickly improved the hiring ratio by 375%.

This leading software and services-led enterprise provider in the financial, retail and hospitality industries tends to convert a majority of our consultants to full-time work based on the integrity and quality of the resources we provide.




Interview-to-hire ratio

As Optomi focused on SOW projects within the client’s business
units in need of talent, we were able to quickly make an impact. In
fact, we are often given exclusive rights to support projects at this
omni-channel enterprise client.



Skill-Sets Provided:

Scrum teams, BA, QA, C#, Java


Our unique methodologies reduced time and cost associated with hiring talent
Interview to hire ratio went from 15:1 to 4:1
Optomi’s quality is demonstrated in the 60% conversion rate
Optomi established a reputation worthy of client internal referrals
Through Optomi’s Opt2give charity program, we’ve provided over 2,800 meals to under-resourced children


“We only had a few months to quickly onboard test engineers and a QA manager with a specific POS and EFT payments skill set. My previous experience with 3rd party staffing organizations told me it was not possible, but I was delighted at how fast we were receiving and interviewing candidates that fit perfectly. I really appreciate Optomi’s diligence in only bringing us only the right candidates because it saved hundreds of hours in interview cycles. I will continue to work with and recommend Optomi to others.”