Ben Tucker’s Rise

October 01, 2021

After a 5-month courtship, Ben Tucker joined the Optomi family in 2014 as an Account Executive helping to launch the Detroit market. In his 7 years with Optomi, Ben has been promoted not once, not twice, but four times. He quickly demonstrated an aptitude to lead and was promoted to the role of Managing Director.

Ben is one of the hardest working, conscientious people you’ll ever know. He is also a strategic and methodical thinker. Recognizing this asset, he was promoted to the Director of Operations role to help facilitate better decision-making by utilizing the company’s data. As he strengthened his skills and began to guide the operational aspects of the company, he was again promoted to the Vice President of Operations position where he now advises in several capacities.

As the Vice President of National Operations at Optomi, Ben has led the company’s strategic business initiatives to establish Optomi’s operations and presence in the area. In Optomi’s high-growth, fast-paced environment, Ben has leveraged a background in account development, operations and management to drive progress and growth.