From Market Leader to Corporate Director

February 09, 2021

Company, Team, Self… the mantra of our corporate culture is also the beat Ryan drums to. Here at Optomi, Ryan has held the positions of Managing Director, Senior Team Lead, and Director of Training and Engagement. The values and standards that Optomi has for their clients and employees is something that has stood out to Ryan from the start. He finds significance in not only knowing our values, but truly embodying and living them through his work. These values bind us together as a whole and allow us to truly work towards the same goal. Ryan can attest to this, “In the long run, what is best for the company is best for me.” Our employees stand by the values that Optomi embodies and trust that decisions are made based on what who we are and what we value.

Selflessness is what sets Stansbury apart. He describes his mentality as a set of priorities: company, team, self. In the past, he viewed his career as a way of making money, and his success was determined accordingly. Now, Ryan finds success in helping those around him. “I want to impact and influence others to be better at their job than I could ever be.” For Ryan, happiness comes from putting his personal missions aside and doing the right thing for the benefit of his team. He explains that Optomi has fostered and embraced this new mentality. Helping others to become better at what they do causes the growth of an organization to be much greater. The accomplishment is far more significant than what would have been accomplished individually.


Stansbury has experienced a lot of change in roles throughout the past year. He explains that there is a reason behind this: he trusts our organization. He recognizes that there is always a ‘why?’ behind decisions that are made, and he knows there is always a thought process that evaluates success for both the individual and the organization. Ryan has trusted that the company would place him in the best position to benefit him as well as the corporation. He says, “It has never been about me at Optomi, it has always been about others.” This mentality has fueled Stansbury’s success, no matter what role he is placed in.