Larry Cullen Goes Full Circle

January 03, 2022

As part of Optomi’s inaugural Acadomi class, the training ground for recent grads and new hires, Larry Cullen joined the Optomi family in early 2020. He came into a unique environment with Covid spreading rapidly, causing countless changes in business continuity.

Larry adapted like a champ and quickly took to the software engineering skillset. He began to make a name for himself in support of one of Optomi’s Fortune-500 clients. He became the “go-to” recruiter in the Software Engineering space for this client.

Under Dan Hill and Tim Gunter’s guidance, Larry continued to refine his abilities and shot up the leaderboard. Larry is currently a Cobalt level producer. In the 2nd quarter of 2021, he was promoted to a Delivery Lead role managing a team of Software Engineering Recruiters. His team has produced at a high level and continues to show immense growth. Larry was the first Acadomi graduate to be promoted into a Delivery Lead role and did so in roughly 14 months.

With all of that success under his belt, Larry has come full circle and is now a Coach for The Acadomi… a shining example of what dedication and strong work ethic can so for a career.