Matt Robinson’s Secret Sauce

September 01, 2021

Fresh out of college, Matt Robinson joined the Optomi team as the second employee ever. He began his journey with Optomi as a sourcer/recruiter and immersed himself into the technology so that he could gain credibility with his candidates.

Matt’s ability to “speak the candidate’s language” and articulate solutions to the clients earned him a seat on both sides of the desk. For a while, Matt served as the Recruiter and Account Executive on many of his accounts. Mastering both of those skills, Matt made the Charlotte office Optomi’s quickest success story yet.

After moving from Atlanta to Charlotte to take on the Managing Director role, his dedication to promoting our brand in this new region allowed the team to expand its reach and build a respected reputation for quality talent.

Matt was promoted to East Regional Vice President in 2018, allowing him to manage Optomi’s Charlotte, Baltimore, and Atlanta markets. Cofounder and Chairman, Michael Winwood, said “Any ambitious Acadomi graduate who’s trying to figure out how to do this, that’s the way to do it. The Matt Robinson way.”

QUOTE FROM MATT: “If you’re not elevating the bar, you’re lowering it.”

He’s a perpetual learner and good listener as well.  A powerful combination when in a leadership role.  Want to work for someone who’s been there?  Climbed the proverbial ladder?  Connect with us at