National Hospital System

Optomi Technology Talent

Skill Sets

Business Optimization, I.T. Team Augmentation



Overpaying for resources and lack of proprietary rights were crippling this organization. For 20 years, this nationwide hospital system relied on the outsourcing support of a managed service provider. When new leadership came in and evaluated the contract, they realized that not only were they overspending on resources but that they didn’t own any of the documentation or standard operating procedures, which further handcuffed them to this vendor.

As they looked to move away from this partner, not just for the PMO, but for the entire I.T. organization, they realized the initial step was to build an internal PMO so they had control of their own projects, build in-house expertise, and create their own documentation and standard operating procedures.


Optomi partnered with this organization to understand the specialized healthcare skills needed to succeed in this fast-paced environment, their projects and their corporate culture. Optomi’s consulting team of Program Managers, Project Managers and Project Coordinators has successfully enabled the client to regain ownership of their projects.


Business Optimization, I.T. Team Augmentation




The team created best practices and standard documentation all while reducing cost by 50%. The foundational knowledge built in this newly formed PMO enables the client to shift more work away from their outsourced partner, allowing them to continue to eliminate wasteful spend and build a more sustainable team for the future.