Optomi Press


As an IT staffing firm founded on strong core values, Optomi’s principles align with military principles in many ways. The company’s philosophy of loyalty to Company, Team and then Self is reminiscent of the military dedication to God, Country, Corps,…

23 May, 13

Optomi Expands Corporate Headquarters

After only five short (successful) months…we’re expanding our corporate headquarters. Optomi’s relocation lays the groundwork to employ over 100 nationally by the end of 2013.

30 April, 13


Internal employees at Optomi are encouraged to come to the table with new ideas. And that’s one aspect of the company that helps make it a great place to work, says Emily Sato, account executive.

04 April, 13

Optomi Capitalizes On The Increase In Temporary IT Labor

The demand for Software Developers is projected to grow 32.4% by the year 2020 according to The Bureau of Labor Statistics. Within this broad spectrum of IT, demand for professionals with skills inCloud Computing and Mobile Applications are projected to be particularly high. IT Staffing firm, Optomi, focuses on a…

12 February, 13

Technology Staffing firm OPTOMI Launches

Led by co-founders Michael Winwood (formerly the President & COO of Technisource) and Todd Black (formerly the Senior Vice President of Technisource), the company is launching this week in the Atlanta and Chicago markets. Optomi has plans for additional market expansions in 2013.“Rather than follow the paths established in the…

11 December, 12


Launched by two former IT Staffing Industry Executives Co-founders Michael Winwood and Todd Black were inspired to create a company with a unique corporate culture founded on strong core values…

07 December, 12

High-Level Technology Staffing firm OPTOMI Launches

By deploying the optimum talent for IT projects, we enable our clients to define the technology of tomorrow. Our ability to position project managers, business analysts and technologists in the ever evolving spaces of mobile technology, network design, cloud and application development make us a leader in the…

07 December, 12