06 Nov

Opt2give day 2015 makes a HUGE impact

By the end of 2015, Optomi will have fed over 1,500 kids 9,000 meals through its Opt2give program. The company’s philosophy of ‘doing good’ has been part of its culture since inception three years ago. On Thursday, November 5th (Optomi’s 3rd birthday), Optomi employees didn’t put on birthday hats or hand out cupcakes; instead, we rolled up our sleeves to serve in our neighborhoods.

Optomi devoted the day to giving back to children. Dedication to its people and the communities in which they live/work are central to the mission of Optomi. According to the organization Feeding America, one in 5 children struggles with hunger. Optomi is committed to alleviating this hunger epidemic. As Optomi uses its business as a driver for charitable contributions, it hopes to continue to make an impact. “The message is simple, when you do business with Optomi, you help children in need”, says CEO Michael Winwood.

We are making a difference in several ways. Optomi’s Opt2give program provides children with weekend bags of food through local food bank backpack programs. With each consultant hired, kids who may not have food in the fridge when they get home from school are fed because of Optomi’s efforts. During its annual Opt2give day, the company’s employees serve organizations in their communities. They host pizza parties for under-resourced children, serve in soup kitchens, feed and mentor at risk inner-city kids, collect food for local food banks and more. “Giving back is at the core of why we do what we do. As an organization in an industry focused on people, Optomi believes in investing in people’s lives”, commented Todd Black, COO.