Optomi Detroit Volunteers at the Children Center in Detroit

02 Nov Optomi Detroit Volunteers at the Children Center in Detroit

Detroit volunteered at the Children’s Center in Detroit, attached are some pictures from our day. The Children’s Center has been open since 1929 and offers a variety of services for children and families in Wayne County. They have more than 26 different services divided into four categories, Healthy Start (early childhood behavioral health services 0-6years old and parent education), Healing the Hurt (Autism & ADHD services, Crisis Care services, School based services and more), A Safe Home (adoption and foster care) and Bridging the Gap (case management, the Boutique – where we volunteered, and the fatherhood initiative).

In the Boutique, Brent, Ben, Hannah, Emily, Katie and I went through the incoming clothing and home item donations and prepared them for the families who need them. We sorted through mens, womens and childrens clothes to make sure they were all sorted appropriately and were in the best condition. Their #1 rule is that if you wouldn’t wear it, it’s not good enough for their families.

In the homework room, Blair and Jake worked hard to make almost 40 graham cracker houses for the kids to decorate at an event The Children’s Center was hosting that night. It definitely isn’t as easy as it looks! Kevin used his excel skills to input all of the items that children put on their wish lists. When he finished that he spent the rest of his time organizing toiletries, so the families have easy access!

Taylor and Madison took on a whale of a project, tackling their extensive art supply closet. Everything needed to be sorted and put into the correct bins. They hold homework help sessions twice a week and helping kids with their school projects became more difficult with the art closet being so disorganized.

The Detroit Team is grateful we have this opportunity to give back to our local community!