06 Nov

The Dallas Team Mentors Kids for Opt2give day 2015

As an IT staffing firm, the employees of Optomi typically spend their day recruiting and selling its services, but not Thursday. During its annual Opt2give Day November 5th, the Dallas team partnered with the Amadi Guess Foundation to mentor children at the same school they served in 2014. Many of the children benefit from Optomi’s regular giving through our Opt2give program. Optomi believes in giving back to the extent that it devotes a full day every year to serving in the communities in which it does business. The founders believe in building a culture that genuinely meets the needs of others.

By the end of 2015, IT staffing firm Optomi will have fed over 1,500 children in the U.S. who would otherwise go to bed hungry every day. Meals given to these children total over 9,000. According to the organization Feeding America, one in 5 children struggles with hunger. Optomi is committed to alleviating this hunger epidemic. The firm is breaking new ground in the staffing industry with its giving back philosophy. Optomi’s fresh approach to philanthropy connects all the elements of the brand by not only defining it, but also propelling it to record-breaking revenues. Dedication to its people and the communities in which they live/work are central to the mission of Optomi.