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Creating a company culture with strong values has been at the core of every discussion since the inception of Optomi. We are inspired and guided by six key characteristics. We choose to exhibit these core values in every personal and business practice we engage in…

we are...


For us, being genuine is the umbrella over all of the attributes that define Optomi. We admire people that are honest, trustworthy and approachable. Our core values and culture all epitomize our mantra of “doing the right thing”. Integrity, respect and building long-term relationships with our consultants and clients are integral principles. These values increase exponentially when combined with our priorities… the commitment to company, team and individual in that order. We opt to be genuine because that is who we are, it is the most valuable thing we have… it’s our reputation, our value and our legacy.

notable moment - Genuine

One of the best things that we do as an organization is slowing down to understand what the candidate wants and needs in their next role rather than pigeon-holing them into something that wouldn’t be a good fit. I had a conversation with a candidate where told me that a lot of the larger staffing firms weren’t helpful in getting him where he wanted to go. In this case, it was a move to another state. During my initial conversation with this candidate for a role I had in Chicago, I realized he wouldn’t be the best fit and was honest with him about it. Soon after, I had another role available and it aligned perfectly with this consultant and where he wanted to go in his career. The position fit his background and was in Chicago (where he wanted to be). Because I had this relationship and had the honest conversation with him about the first position saying “Hey, this isn’t a fit, but we will get you were you want to be moving forward in your career” he trusted me. So when it came to getting a job offer with this client, the consultant eagerly accepted.


Optomi is tenacious about hiring people that are by nature competitive, ambitious and passionate about life. We continually go above and beyond in our relationships with consultants, clients and employees. This kind of genuine enthusiasm is contagious. With it, anything is possible. We support our team by providing training, education and industryleading technology. This strong foundation allows us to demand high performance and dynamic activity expectations. None of this takes flight without passion. To leave a legacy, to make a significant impact, to be connected to something that matters…that’s what we strive to give our team at Optomi. We are committed to our vision, strong core values, unique culture and to our consultants, clients and employees. We opt to be passionate because we believe in our firm, our services and being the best. We take pride each and every day in “DRIVING TOMORROW’S TECHNOLOGY WITH TODAY’S OPTIMUM TALENT”.

notable moment - Passionate

A couple of years ago I was on social media and I noticed, from a group that I was member of, a woman has posted saying that her husband had just lost his job that he had been at for over 20 years. She didn’t initially say what he had done in his previous role but just that she had 4 kids and that she was a stay at home mom. She was very distraught that her husband had just lost his job so I private messaged her and asked if I could help in any way whether that be re-writing his resume or see who I was connected with in the Dallas area to help find him a new home. She messaged me back right away and gave me his phone number and ended up meeting him for coffee soon after. After talking with him for a few hours, I quickly realized that he was someone that was definitely placeable. He was a very senior Windows Engineer and didn’t even know that he was in IT when I first initially reached out. He was very intelligent and did an in-depth interview with a client with all of these story boards that he had to write. They hired him immediately and ended up converting him early. He is still with our client today and I love this story because it wasn’t my intention to get him a job but more to make sure he was set up for success in his next role in any way I could. Being genuine and connected was instilled in me through Optomi and wanted to help him and his family from the bottom of my heart and knew that my relationships in the DFW area and being well connected allowed me to help him.


Optomi understands that today’s premier talent is nearly always gainfully employed. To that end, our entire recruitment process, focus and vision is directed toward finding the passive consultant. Our social media strategy and investments in cutting-edge technology combined with genuine in-person networking, lead to long-term rewarding consultant relationships. Staffing is inherently a relationship-driven business. And today more than ever, building meaningful ones is critical to our success. We opt to be connected in every way to achieve the goal of exceeding the expectations of our consultants, clients and employees.

notable moment - Connected

Blair Turner does a really great job of keeping in touch with consultants & former candidates. He had spoken with someone by the name of Terry and although we weren’t able to place Terry right away, the way Blair was able to stay connected with Terry and walk him through our process from a candidate perspective really impressed Terry. So when he landed his new role as the VP of Cloud Services at a top company and got up to speed, they needed to ramp up add people to his team. The first thing he did was reach out to Blair. Because of the history they had together and how passionate and genuine Blair is about the process, we were able to make our first placement with them. Since our first placement, we’ve made dozens of others and continue conversations on how we can support them.


Optomi is passionate about investing in cutting-edge technology that not only focuses on finding the best talent through an efficient hiring process but also ensures we stay ahead of the competition. We strive to offer unique services that reduce time and costs for all parties while still providing a comprehensive process that enables sound people decisions. Optomi is one of the first staffing firms to utilize the latest innovation… video conference interviewing. With this technology, we provide recorded interviews as part of a candidate dossier and three way adhoc video conferencing. Our clients, consultants and consultant mangers can not only make better decisions, but also enjoy a rewarding experience. We opt to be innovative in support of our vision to be dedicated to our consultants, clients and employees.

notable moment - Innovative

We assisted a start-up financial services platform by identifying a back-end developer. The client was using some of their senior individuals to build out the platform but they really needed help to continue to make it scalable and write the code to support the platform.

We put a consultant, Ben, forward that we really thought could help them. He was a hands-on coder and much more senior than his years of experience indicated. The client was really picky. On paper, the client said no- he’s too junior. We ended up putting him on video – our Opt2vue video interviewing platform. On camera, Ben was able to bring his passion for the project to life. He spoke articulately about his background and experience and what he could bring to the table. The client was so blown away by the consultant and the Opt2vue that he decided to give him the job. He never would have picked Ben if it weren’t for this video interviewing technology – Opt2vue.


Optomi recognizes that our key constituents are fundamental to our success. In order to be the best, we must understand what is important to our consultants and clients… continually aligning our services to ensure we exceed their expectations. Being dedicated to our consultants, clients and employees requires us to be highly responsive and efficient as we conduct business. Optomi maintains a focused simple strategy. We’re an IT staffing firm. We do not offer solutions and we don’t focus on permanent placement. We specialize in a defined set of in-demand IT skills in the Cloud, Network, Mobility and Application Development areas. Our proactive pursuit of consultants with these skills allows us to provide the optimum talent to our clients. We opt to be dedicated by being clear about our priorities, the services we offer and being passionate in delivering to both our consultants and clients.

notable moment - Dedicated

I’m going to talk about one of my favorite placements ever, Danielle Major who we placed over as a vendor risk manager. Danielle had had some less than stellar experiences with recruiting firms in the past so when we initially reached out – she was hesitant to work with us. Blair really took the time to understand Danielle as a person and really got to know her from a personal standpoint. He learned all about her career goals and desired trajectory. He explained how we do business differently from our competitors. Danielle did an absolutely amazing job during her interview process and she accepted the inevitable offer. She actually cried for happiness during the call. After the offer we were debriefing with her and we were like “hey what’s going on,” and she told us that she just felt really special because we were the only firm that not only cared about the client’s needs but actually cared about what she wanted and needed as a candidate. So now fast forward to today and she’s absolutely killing it at this client and they said that she’s one of the best hires they’ve ever made. So when it came time to grow her own team, I’m sure you can guess, she came straight to Optomi and we were able to put some amazing individuals on her team as well. So I think her story is a great example of how dedicated we are, not only to our clients, but also to our consultant base and how dedicated we are to our process.


In creating Optomi, we’ve made a conscious effort to create a transparent and respectful organization. We value and welcome alternate perspectives & respectful disagreements knowing that healthy discussions can lead to great accomplishments. People are central to our strategy and success, so we have established a culture of camaraderie with dignity. We respect each other, our consultants, our clients and our spheres of influence. Respect often reflects on the individual… their character, integrity and values.

notable moment - Respectful

Something that comes to mind when speaking to clients is truly valuing and respecting their time. I really like to understand their organization by diving deep into understanding their culture and get as much information as I can on the front end and that tells me what they need and WHEN. The client would say “When we go through this transformation we will be needing these skill-sets and technologies and support.” By me understanding the clients’ needs currently and in the future, it allows me to respect their needs in a couple of different ways. One aspect of that is knowing when a good time to follow up is and knowing when they’re going to need resources. Secondly, is having that overall understanding of their culture and the skill-sets that they hire for. The goal is for them to give me a call and say “Hey Shay, I need another “Mike” or another “Bob” and it’s easy for me to align people for that new role within their organization because of that initial talk.  So the end goal, for me, is to help the client achieve their goals but also to stay respectful of their time and be as efficient as possible.