15 May

#OpttoGive Announcing our partnership the organization That’s Caring

We’re happy to announce a new partnership with the organization That’s Caring to help feed food-insecure children right here in the United States. Our program allows for a needy child to be given a weekend bag of food with every confection gift Optomi purchases for its corporate campaigns. We’re expecting to supply at least 400 children with bags of food in 2014! We #OpttoGive

Optomi’s reach with this charitable effort is nationwide, spanning from Southern California to Dallas and the Atlanta market to Chicagoland.  Approximately 20% of US households with children experience food insecurity each year and that number is even higher for households with children under the age of 6. These hunger statistics translate to 16 million children living in food-insecure households according to feedingamerica.org.

The program being launched by Optomi allows for a food insecure child to be given a weekend bag of food with every confection gift Optomi purchases for its corporate campaigns.  The gifts have been tailor made for Optomi with custom labels and even contains their own Optomi signature cookie recipe.  That’s Caring CEO Jamie Pritscher commented, “We are very excited to be partnering and co-branding our product with Optomi.  Our two companies’ beliefs (to give back and help the communities in which we work and live) are perfectly aligned.  Together we will be able to not only increase awareness about the hunger crisis, but also to double our impact.”

Optomi has a big heart for those in need, especially those whose circumstances are beyond their control.  So the staffing firm sought out a partner that mirrored its own commitment to giving.  “We’re giving back in a tangible way because it is important to Optomi that we impact our communities. IIt’s one of the core beliefs within the company”, remarked Todd Black, Optomi COO.

In addition to its charitable work with children, Optomi dedicates one workday a year for its employees to donate their time doing charitable service in the communities they work in.   Each quarter, Optomi recognizes both an outstanding employee and consultant for their efforts and achievements with a contribution to the charity of their choosing.   More information about Optomi’s philanthropy is available at optomi.com/giving.