13 Nov

How Optomi Cares

Posted in Consultants by Brittany Rains

— Sugar Spice and Everything Nice — I’m not a huge fan of nursery rhymes but that one has a good ring to it.

Kindness is what our Consultant Care team does well. That and a darn good job.

As we all know, success in business is because of the people. For us, it’s not only about the superior talent we provide our clients but also the internal OPS talent we have dedicated to making their employment with us enjoyable. And ours are the best. Helpful. Engaged. Nice.

Nice. It’s become somewhat of a lost art form in business these days.
One of our Senior Data Engineer consultants said it best in a review on Glassdoor, “This recruiting firm does things right with a personal touch. All the recruiters I worked with were great. And after you are signed they continue to stay in contact with things like lunch, care packages, and happy hours to make sure your role is going as expected.”

From on-boarding to travel logistics, relocation assistance to re-deployment on another project, our Consultant Care Team ensures our contractors have every resource necessary for them to exceed the expectations of our clients. Most of our competition relies solely on the recruiter to care for the consultants they deploy. We do not. Other talent firms (in the words of a Glassdoor reviewer) “pull fast-ones”. We’re better. Our “Consultant Care” is a team of folks dedicated to making a consultant’s experience the best it can be. They partner with the recruiter and the account executive to deliver superior support. This firm was founded on integrity, quality, passion and purpose. Intertwined with that is a heartbeat to do the right thing, to positively impact those we come in contact with and to simply be nice.

Our Consultant Care Team has reason to be joyful in their work. They get to be part of something purposeful everyday. Our consultants enjoy the knowledge that by working with us, a child is fed for the weekend through our Opt2give program. They are recognized when they exhibit our core values in their workplaces. They are invited to contribute to our consultant community blog. They receive bonuses for referring their peers to us. The list is extensive, but the point is, here at Optomi, we go above and beyond whenever possible. It’s just what we’re made of.