18 Feb

How to Grab the Attention of the Best Talent in the Industry

Posted in Business by Optomi Leadership

Nowadays our society seems to be obsessed with situations where one person is vying for the attention of another—everyone is becoming a contestant in the game of life. Cases in point: The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, Bachelor in Paradise, Big Brother.

In this era of a technology talent shortage, every company is also playing “contestant” in a way… vying for attention from the best talent in the business. As a corporation, it’s important to stay true to your unique culture, purpose, mission and whatever makes the company stand out.

While a great salary might be the deciding factor for a candidate, it’s also critical to have a strong benefits package to attract and retain the best talent. Optomi works with hundreds of clients from Fortune 50-Fortune 5000 companies. In our experience, ensuring you offer quality, balanced benefits will make a project more desirable and help guarantee employees stay longer. We’ve found that candidates admire the following perks and benefits most:

Opportunities for Growth and Expanding Skillsets

They say if you’re not learning, it’s likely you’re no longer in the right position. At Optomi, we think it’s important to ensure that you’re constantly learning from your manager or colleagues and are challenged professionally. Consultants value being able to constantly upgrade their skillsets.

Flex time

According to a recent survey by EY, 9700 full-time employees at eight of the largest U.S. corporations listed flexibility as a top feature in a job, right behind competitive pay and benefits. It was also cited as a top reason they would quit if there was a lack thereof. While having a balance of paid and unpaid time off can combat burnout and increase productivity, so can allowing your employees to choose their own schedule—such as working four 10 hours days per week rather than nine to five Monday thru Friday.

A perfect example is Microsoft in Japan.  It recently tested having a four-day work week and the result, the company reports according to Forbes., was a productivity boost of 40 per cent.

Remote work

Trusting your team is key in any role, and giving them the opportunity to work remotely (when possible) instills trust and respect. Knowing they’ll get the job done, regardless of location is a huge morale booster. And sometimes allowing your employees to skip hours in traffic means more productive and focused time in front of their computers. It’s all about striking the right balance.

Team camaraderie

Bottom line is, a happy team has proven to be a more productive one. Your employees spend the better part of each week at work, so having a solid company culture is an essential part of employee retention, loyalty, and overall happiness and morale at work. Many people will choose a company to work at based on how the employees are treated and how they treat each other.

Medical/Dental coverage

After salary, this benefit is not terribly high on the list of priorities for most potential employees, but if you have a poor plan it will affect your ability to attract them. Having a great medical and dental package can ensure employees aren’t stressing about how to manage their finances to take care of themselves and their family when and if illnesses happen.

Optomi specializes in recruiting employees with high-level technology skillsets.  These happen to be the skills in the highest demand, a ‘candidate’s market’ as they say.  As potential candidates explore opportunities, our qualified consultants are looking for the best place to call home.  Our role at Optomi is to ensure the perfect fit for our clients and candidates. The more transparent about your workplace and the more authentically you represent your brand, the better chance you have of securing that successful match.