07 Feb

Virtual Interview Tips

Posted in Recruiting Tips by Optomi Recruiters

In the current job market (and state of the world), you’d better have your act together for that virtual interview or you won’t stand a chance against the competition.
Check yourself on these basic points before you go on that all-important virtual interview.

Be sure to test your technology prior to your virtual interview. It’s imperative to ensure you’ll dodge any technical glitches so you’re set up for success. Check your internet connection and test your webcam and microphone as far in advance as possible. On the day of your virtual interview, check your internet and test your equipment again. It can be difficult to locate a webcam just minutes before your interview, and especially frustrating knowing it could have been avoided.

Understanding technology is a top priority for many employers when looking for new hires. A virtual interview may very well be your first test in determining whether you’re the right candidate for the role.

Just because you’re at home doesn’t mean you should look like it. Dress to impress, just as you would in-person. This shows respect to people you are meeting with virtually and the seriousness you have for the position.

Try to avoid busy patterns and prints and opt for a more simple, sophisticated option. You are the most important part of the interview, not your clothes. When choosing your outfit, make sure to dress professionally from head to toe – you never know who might ask you to stand up during your interview.

Creating an illusion of how you’ll be perceived through a screen is important. Virtually speaking, opportunities to convey your emotions and uniqueness in the conversation will be limited, so you’ll need to make a strong first impression.

Determine where you will be during the virtual interview. Find a space with optimal lighting and few distractions, guaranteeing you are what the hiring manager focuses on during the interview. Make sure the visible space surrounding you is clean and uncluttered. It won’t be very convincing to the hiring manager that you’re detail-oriented and organized if your space isn’t. If you choose to use a virtual background, try to stick to office or home settings. Other settings like mountains or beaches can be distracting.

Place your computer on a steady surface and make sure your webcam is eye level. If you need to raise your computer a bit, feel free to utilize books or other sturdy, stackable items to achieve the correct position. Silence your cell phone, close nearby windows, and turn off any other devices that may unintentionally cause a ruckus. On your computer, close any programs, documents, or browsers you aren’t using during the interview.

Never arrive late to an interview…even a virtual one. You should enter your virtual meeting at least 5 minutes prior to its scheduled time. Don’t let the Hiring Manager wait on you.

While a virtual interview may have a similar discourse as an in-person interview, there’s one thing missing: your ability to fully convey your personality and uniqueness. Virtually speaking, it’s more difficult to express enthusiasm through a screen, but there are ways you can show your excitement during your interview.

Eye contact demonstrates confidence – try to look at the camera instead of yourself on the screen. Sit up straight and speak distinctly in a confident voice, even if you feel shaky. Hiring managers like people that are interested and passionate about the job.

One of the most neglectful interview skills is listening. Be attentive and make it known that you are listening to what the Hiring Manager has to say (i.e., nod your head while they are speaking). Also be aware that there may be technical issues during a virtual interview, so be sure to wait until the interviewer is finished asking their question before you begin speaking. Make sure to have 3-4 questions lined up for the interviewer to show you’re actively listening and interested.

Remember to send a “Thank you” note to the person(s) you interviewed with. This is a great way to state your interest in the position as well as give the Hiring Manager a reminder of your interview. If the position you virtually interviewed for is on-site, mention that you are looking forward to meeting them in-person.