Skill-Set Focused

We specialize in positioning individuals who possess high level skills within and supporting the software development life cycle. This allows us to build a deep network of candidates with the most in-demand skills. Most of our technical recruiters concentrate on specific skill-sets so they can leverage their expertise, reduce decision time and costs for our clients and streamline the experience for our consult ants.

Optomi’s unique approach allows us to present our clients the most qualified professionals.

We specialize in


We offer a full suite of business optimization resources equipped to support the entire scope of any initiative. With a clear understanding of business objectives, milestones and the key deliverables that an organization is pursuing, we introduce top talent that aligns with your team not only technically, but culturally. Whether you need a hands-on project manager, strategic leader or technical liaison, Optomi matches talent to the need. We know what it takes to drive success.


We provide software engineers proficient in a broad spectrum of languages to help advance the technology of our clients. From server-less architecture to cutting-edge development stacks to mobile applications with iOS and Android, we have a robust talent network to support the most ambitious initiatives.


We help organizations build, maintain and support scalable IT infrastructures across hardware, systems, networks, storage and communications. From designing and building out new solutions to monitoring and remediating critical issues to supporting daily IT operations, we provide reliable highly-proficient Architects, Engineers, Admins and Support Analysts to ensure corporations accomplish their goals.


We help organizations prepare, protect, detect, respond and recover data throughout all verticals of IT. From threat hunting, detecting and responding to the unknown to running an entire security operations center, we help disrupt the disrupters by providing the cyber resilience businesses need.

Our solution provides high-quality onsite resources blended with the unique OPS advantage of off-site outsourced support located in rural communities here in the U.S.


We help organizations gather, analyze and manipulate data to make more insightful and precise business decisions. Often the unsung heroes of the data ecosystem within a company, they are the first to tackle the influx of structured and unstructured data that enters the system and connect all the pieces. The foundation of any data strategy starts with engineering professionals who support everything from product development to operations/supply chain management with efficiency and accuracy.


Our elite talent helps companies maximize the value of their CRM platforms to harness each opportunity. When data is available, it fuels collaboration between sales and service teams, allowing for exponential productivity. Driving leads, revenue and maximizing ROI are all possible when decision-makers have industry insight and the technical aptitude to deliver success.


New technologies like Robotics Process Automation (RPA), Machine Learning (ML), Artificial Intelligence (A.I.), Internet of Things (IoT), Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR/VR) have spawned an age of innovation like none other. Our talent resources love to be on the leading-edge of technology… creating modern solutions for our clients that advance products and services, generate impact and deliver ROI.