Optomi Technology Talent

Todd Black

Board Member

Radka Winwood


Christen Black


Michael Winwood

Chairman & CEO

From the beginning, Optomi has been unconventional. Our business partnership, purpose, values and our road to creating multiple brands are all atypical. The result has been a multi-faceted corporation with accolades of “fastest-growing”, “industry-leading”, “top company culture”, “best places to work” amongst others.

The concept of Optomi began as four friends, vacationing together one Thanksgiving holiday, dreamt of creating a different kind of technology talent firm… a firm full of innovative thinking with the goal of serving the industry better. Michael and Todd had been in technology staffing most of their careers and had been coworkers at one of the largest firms in the industry. They knew what they didn’t like about the companies in the space and set out to create one that would do things better.

After securing financial backing for their innovative concepts, they were off and running. In need of marketing and branding, they turned to Christen Black to help invent the brand from aesthetic to messaging and most importantly define its purpose, core values and differentiators… all critical to establishing the company’s unique position in the marketplace. Optomi, LLC was born (after many iterations of the name) out of a desire to make an impact. The first impact was by giving back with every consultant placed through its program to feed food-insecure children. That spirit would later extend to the mission of to revitalizing entire communities through the Provalus brand of Optomi Professional Services. (More on that later.)

Once the identity, purpose and mission were defined, the hard work of generating revenue began. With Radka Winwood as CSO, the client base grew, revenue increased and our need to expand our footprint as well as our internal team became necessary to support the growth.

Our organic success led to the creation of multiple brands under the umbrella of Optomi Professional Services. With sales in excess of $100 million in just 8 years, our passion for creating a company guided by our core values and driven by purpose has become the formula for our success.

The brainstorm of two couples, sitting on a beach years ago, has led to an organization comprised of several technology talent brands serving both onsite and offsite needs of its clients. Though the OPS family has grown significantly, we remain committed to honoring the convictions that led to our creation… being the best, being innovative and most significantly being purpose-driven.